At MOL-IT we adopt well defined standards during the development of business systems and/or performing other related tasks. In order to facilitate this MOL-IT Standards Committee has clearly outlined the standards to be followed by MOL-IT personnel. This ensures consistency and easier maintenance across all applications used globally.

About the MOL-IT Standards Committee

The purpose of the MOL-IT Standards Committee is to clearly outline the standards to be followed by MOL-IT personnel during the development of business-related systems and/or performing other related tasks. The following outlines the committee's objectives and how it will achieve these objectives through maintenance of standards, ensuring compliance and communicating updates to MOL-IT personnel.

Main Objectives

The main objectives are to:

  • focus on the uniform development and implementation of mission-critical systems for MOL Liner at the global level.
  • ensure that the systems being developed are user-friendly and comprehensive.
  • ensure compatibility amongst systems.
  • ensure that the processes followed by MOL-IT personnel are consistent.
  • communicate compliance of the MOL-IT Standards.
  • accomplish the above with minimum impact on users' business practices and requirements.

The committee's overall responsibility is to ensure that the information maintained in the standards is current and accurate. The standards are maintained and revised based on reviews, new technology and feedback received. In this regard, the committee will perform reviews and communicate with the category-specific owners. Templates and procedures are reviewed and updated periodically by assigned individuals and an annual review is performed as per JSOX requirements. The owners of Procedures and Templates are located on the home page of each site.


To ensure that MOL-IT personnel are in compliance with the standards, the Standards Committee works with parties responsible for compliance to establish procedures for monitoring and reporting. Development performs monthly JSOX and standards compliance reviews. The Standards Committee gathers the results and publishes them on the MCP home page. The results are stored in FileHold.


To ensure that MOL-IT personnel are informed about the standards, the committee:

  • performs monthly updates and releases of the standards.
  • maintains a log of standards updates and sends an announcement email.
  • organizes annual reviews and assigns review items to the responsible parties.
  • communicates compliance issues to MOL-IT team members so that corrective action can be taken.