Anithaa Sukumar

 EDI Support Specialist




I have been with MOL-IT for close to a decade now and for me MOL is like a second home where one can be oneself, expressing, debating, sharing, enjoying. It is my work place where I feel safe, trusted, motivated, supported and cared for. It is where ego plays no role.

MOL gives utmost importance to the health of its members and quality facilities are provided for us to work with comfort to be more productive & innovative. Attention to employee welfare, flexible work timings and every employee being treated fairly and equally are what sets apart the Management Team here at MOL-IT.…I am indeed proud to be an MOL-ITian.


                                                                                                         Dilip Kumar U

                                                                                                         Project Leader






In my close to 7 years’ experience working with MOL-IT, I can confidently say that this is a place which will keep you interested for a real long time because of the various challenges at work. The MOL-IT management are very much receptive and appreciative to creative ideas. Management intervention is such that, politics between subordinates and peers are very rare here.Also they identify the right person for the right job which benefits the company as well as the individual.

MOL-IT places utmost importance on employee welfare and strikes a very good work life balance thereby setting practical and realistic targets    for employees to work towards. Overall, working environment is very conducive to high productivity aided by latest updates on the software and hardware side.


Lopamudra Bhaduri

Assistant Manager - SQA





MOL-IT is perhaps one of the most women-friendly companies to work for.

All hardworking employees are mentored and encouraged equally here, which helps us contribute while maintaining our work-life balance smoothly. The employee welfare initiatives and HR policies are at par and constantly evolving with the needs of employees.  


                          Tuhin Shubhra Chattopadhyay

                                  Senior Software Engineer





I knew about MOL-IT long before I joined the company. Many of my friends worked here and told me about its process-oriented work and its work-life balance advantage. So, even though I was working in one of the top MNCs, when I got the chance to work here, I didn't think twice. 


And now that I have joined here, I am excited to undergo a very in-depth training and knowledge sharing process, which I find exceptional compared to other IT companies.


Manjunath Srinivasan

Senior eLearning Developer



I joined MOL-IT in April 2013.

The work environment is one of the best in the industry, a perfect balance of family and work life. Employees are given ample opportunities to showcase their talent and versatility. Hard work and dedication never go unnoticed here.

If you have the wings and the necessary fuel, and you wish to fly high, join MOL IT: it will provide you the runway.


              Sanjib Saha U

              Associate Project Manager





The best thing about MOL-IT is its employee bonding, one of the reasons why I came back to work for the company after a gap of two years.

I feel proud to help build a robust shipping product along with some of my wonderful colleagues. It’s an organization where our contributions are well regarded and rewarded. Soft skills are nourished and career progression is well planned. The management is attentive to our viewpoints and offers opportunities to contribute more.