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Analytics and Intelligence (BI)

Business intelligence(BI) refers to the technology that enables businesses to organize, analyse and contextualize business data from around the company.BI includes multiple tools and techniques to transform raw data into meaningful and actionable information that facilitates Business Decision Prudently.
Business intelligence (BI) tool combines business analytics, data mining, data visualizations, data tools and infrastructure, and best practices to help organizations to make more data-driven decisions.
MOL-IT possesses rich experience and has gained a strong foothold in the field of Business Intelligence. It is deeply engaged in the development of sophisticated Business Intelligence insights, that is helping transform business.
MOL-IT’s various activities in the field of BI includes:

 Business Domain and Understanding of Data
 Analytics
 Data Extraction & Cleaning
 Data Mining
 Dashboard/Report Development
 Infrastructure Provisioning

Some of the key business analytics areas where MOL-IT is focused are:

 Financial Analytics
 Commodity Demand/Supply Analytics
 Macroeconomic Data Analytics
 Trade & Commodity Forecasting
 Shipping Market Analytics

MOL-IT provides innovative and enriched dashboards, and reports, to key MOL Business Divisions, such as MOL Dry Bulk, MOL Chemical Tankers, MOL LNG, Phoenix Tankers and also for MOL Corporate.
The BI tools being used are, Tableau & Power BI, SSRS, SSIS etc.
Analysis has been done on “Impact of Chinese ban on Australian Coking Coal” using industry data and news feeds. MOL-IT has also compiled a video on the same, for awareness and ease of understanding.