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Data Warehousing

The objective to empower the business, for better and prudent decision-making, needs to be fulfilled with analysing and transforming massive datasets, into intelligent data insights.
MOL-IT is working on a Cloud based Data Platform System for different business divisions of MOL. It is working towards structuring the structured and unstructured data that is targeted to be the base of the future enterprise data platform. This data will subsequently be used for analytical purposes by different MOL divisions.
Platform Modernization projects aims at optimized use of heterogeneous data across MOL family in a prudent way for better and efficient decision making. It makes use state of the art technology making the important data available to the stakeholders in business friendly way.
The technologies used are Python, Cosmos DB, Azure SQL Server, Azure Data Factory, and Data Lake.
Another data warehouse solution is ‘MOL Archive’ that has been built using Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse. It contains the entire business data for the MOL Liner and Car Carrier businesses. It is also designed to store the local data for MOL Agents (the MOL subsidiary companies across the globe).
The data that is stored, constitutes of both structured and unstructured data.
Considering the huge volume of data along with varied data types, complex logic is used to extract data in the Azure data warehouse. Another salient feature of this data warehouse is the generation of different business documents on the fly, such as Bill Of Lading, Invoice, Cash receipt etc. that might be required for legal and investigational purposes.