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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Based Solutions

The maritime industry is progressively adopting AI to boost efficiency and sustainability. The use of AI-powered technologies can lead to a reduction in operational expenses, a decrease in environmental footprint, and an enhancement in safety measures. In a world where international trade is crucial, AI serves as a critical instrument for the contemporary shipping sector.
MOL aligns with this movement, extensively employing AI and Data Science to craft predictive solutions and data-driven analytics, steering their operations strategically.
Teams Chat Bot for Enhanced Collaboration: The Teams Chat Bot tool is being used to facilitate improved collaboration via group chats and individual conversations integrated with Microsoft Teams. This allows for smooth collaboration and communication, with quick and accurate responses from Azure OpenAI that ensures the security of organizational data. The application is capable of accommodating a large user base and managing multiple conversations at once.
Mathematical Optimization in Stowage Planning: MOL-IT has employed mathematical optimization to prepare the stowage plan for the PCC (Pure Car Carrier) vessel. This technique significantly assists the business division in automatically preparing the optimal stowage plan for the vessel, maximizing vessel space, increasing revenue, and importantly, saving manpower.
Leveraging NLP for Data Processing: MOL-IT is leveraging Natural Language Processing (NLP) to process a vast amount of unstructured data, such as emails and reports. This provides insights into market trends, customer preferences, and operational efficiency. NLP is being utilized to convert unstructured email text into a structured data set.
Shipping Market Forecasting (SAILUP): This system is adept to provide forecast for shipping market index. Two types of forecasting being achieved, Short Term (6 days, 25 days, 12 weeks) and Long Term (1 Year) period. Interactive UI helps to view the forecasting result and performance measurement based on actual and forecasting data together with deviations. Tableau based dashboard displays short term and long term forecasting result and performance. The system is operational for the MOL Bulk division.
Oil Price Forecasting (OPF): This forecasting system methodology is expected to provide future 40 days ICE Brent Crude Oil Price using multiple Machine Learning models. The Forecasting result is shown in the Tableau Dashboard along with ICE Brent Index price.
Vessel Position Forecasting (VPF) is another Artificial Intelligence based system that helps to provide the historical vessel position. It includes statistics placed on UI with customized Google map. The tool also provides various dashboards on the dynamic Google Map to measure the VPF performance based on the actual and forecast.
These systems have been developed using Machine Learning techniques with backend on Python and the user interface using C#. These are fully deployed in public cloud after development on Virtual machines.