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Global ICT Concierge (GIC)

GIC team serves as a centralized location for all user communications related to Application Support & Technical Support from across the globe.

The helpdesk with its knowledge-base is intended to provide end user with plethora of information which saves valuable time and effort of the users in case any issues arise.

There is a 24X5.5 Global support helpdesk for supporting the business needs of different MOL divisions round the clock. The helpdesk is currently catering to Pure Car Carrier(PCC), LNG, MOL Logistics (MLG) , Roll On Roll Out (RORO) and MOL HQ. Support team co-ordinates software releases; conducts users training during major software releases.

In addition there is a 24X7 Global support helpdesk for the Technical Support needs of different MOL divisions round the clock. Currently catering to MOL(M-365 overseas), PCC, MCS, ShipMate.