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Customer Portal for Shipment Tracking

MOL Lighthouse is a platform that allows those involved in the transport process, such as shippers and vessel operators, to safely, unitarily, and in real time, share and monitor various kinds of information related to ocean transport, such as vessel schedules ,weather, ocean conditions, as well as data related to cargoes and contracts, on a customized basis for each customer. By establishing this system, MOL aims to help its customers enhance their supply chain management through measures such as optimization of ship allocation and more effective management of inventory, including offshore inventory.
This system eliminates Customer stress by avoiding delay in back-and-forth communication. Upload and download features of various data and documents related to ongoing shipment provides great help to the Customers plan and manage their business accordingly.
The name "Lighthouse" was chosen to reflect the idea of focusing a spotlight on ocean transport, which many customers find to be difficult and complex, and make it easier for them to visualize information about the various aspects of shipping.
MOL continually aims to become a group of business units with No.1 competitiveness in respective areas by realizing "stress-free services" with use of digital technology.