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iKnowNow the MOL-IT developed Learning Management Solution (LMS) enables organizations to deliver training.
It is a powerful LMS and has easy UI for content writers to upload content for your organization that make it easy to manage your entire learning program from implementation standpoint to ongoing administration. iKnowNow empowers your organizations to align corporate learning and training with your organizations strategic goals of making employee future ready.
iKnowNow is a web-based tool hosted on Microsoft Azure public cloud service platform and can be configured for different Tenant comprised of one or more organizations. Each Tenant is an independent entity and does not share data among them. Application is mobile compatible, supports audio, video, documents and animation as your learning content. Application provides simple UI for learners and admins, provides high visibility of the learning throughout the different user roles and responsibilities and has built-in reporting and informative chart enabled dashboard.
iKnowNow is offered as cloud enabled Software as a Service (SaaS) model, can be implemented within days not months, users can be on-boarded into the application easily and can be made scalable to thousands of users. iKnowNow is highly secured, offered in multiple languages and MOL-IT provides 24 x 7 support and services.