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MOL RO-RO Website

MOL-IT will design, develop and support a responsive web site for MOL Car Carrier division across the globe. It will expedite the business process of PCC (Pure Car Carrier) division from source to destination.
Moreover , It will offers many benefits to get more leads and prospects, increase sales, enhance and improve customer services.
MOL RORO web site will be designed and delivered to meet the most challenging business needs of Car Carrier division such as Content management (both Static and Dynamic), Rich Dashboard facilities, Vessel Schedule, Booking and Shipping Instruction, VIN management, Google Map, Analytics and Reporting with downloads and mail integration for marketing etc. handshaking with the core PCC.Net system.
This version of system will be built on C#, ASP.NET, Microsoft Azure, Bootstrap, JQuery, SQL Server, Kendo UI, LINQ, CMS - Dot Net Nuke and Cloud technology with Google Mapping.