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In today’s world for any big organization having offices across the globe, information sharing and access plays a vital role in keeping the employees connected and updated. For such organizations there is a need for a collaborative platform where office information, organization chart along with employee details can be shared so that people remain connected.
MOL is one such organization with hundreds of group companies and offices in multiple countries across the world. With an aim to bring all the offices and their employees under the banner of ‘One MOL’, MOL-IT has launched ‘ONE Collabo’ under the platform of MOL Connect.
One Collabo brings all the information related to an Organization’s group companies/offices and their employees under one roof. One can view the details for any office, their departments/teams and employees as a map view and list view. There is a specific page for each employee with their personal as well as official details. It presents a wonderful view of any Organization chart which gets created dynamically as soon as any company is uploaded. The system has a very powerful search mechanism where by it can search based on any employee, department, designation, company etc.
One Collabo is hosted on Azure cloud and is compatible to be viewed on the mobile browser.